Everything you need to know to get a job at VIPKid.


VIPKid OVerview:

  • is the largest online English teaching company

  • offers one-on-one classes

  • serves students aged 4 to 12

  • requires a Bachelor's degree

  • requires eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada.

  • requires one year experience

  • pays up to $26 USD/hour


From VIPKID's website: "VIPKID provides an international learning experience to children in China between the ages 4-12. Headquartered in Beijing, the company offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by highly qualified teachers. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills."

VIPKID is currently the largest online ESL company in China, boasting  more than 40,000 teachers and more than 300,000 students.

Class Type

  • One-on-one

  • 25 minutes

  • No lesson planning, no talking to parents, no correcting homework

Age range

  • 4 to 12 year olds


  • must have a Bachelor's degree

  • must be eligible to work in the US or Canada

  • must have one year of teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education

    *The Chinese Ministry of Education will begin requiring all online English teachers who teach Chinese students to have a 120-hour TESOL certificate sometime in 2019.

    VIPKid DOES provide TESOL certification for its teachers in the training process, however if you’re interested in obtaining your own TESOL certificate which can be used for other companies,
    see here for details.

Minimum Hours

There are no minimum hours required at VIPKid.


  • The pay per 25-minute class is $7 to 9 USD. This is based on your credentials and demo lesson performance.

  • You earn an additional $1 USD for each class by showing up on time and teaching as scheduled.

  • You can then earn another $1 USD per class if you teach at least 45 classes per month.

  • You can also earn a $2 USD "short notice" bonus if your open time slot is booked within 24 hours of the class start time.

  • The total pay per hour is from $14 to $22, and up to $26 USD If you teach short notice.

Peak teaching times

Peak hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekends (Beijing Time )

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Application Process

The application process at VIPKid seems to change frequently. The graphic below outlines the most recent methods available to people to get hired.


Click to enlarge.


1. Stage 1: Application Screening

Complete an online application and they will screen it for basic requirements and teaching experience. 

2. Stage 2: 1:1 Live Interview and Demo, or Recorded Interview and Demo, or Smart Interview

If you pass the application screening in Stage 1, you are presented with three choices in Stage 2. You only have to do one of the following:

i. 1:1 Live Interview and Demo - complete a 30-min live interview and demo with a real-life employee of of VIPKid.  Here, you will answer a few questions and then pretend your interviewer is a student and show them how you would teach a short demo class.

ii. Recorded Interview and Demo - you can record a demo video on your own time and send it in for evaluation. In this video, you introduce yourself briefly and teach a few slides from a VIPKid lesson, pretending there is a student there with you.

iii. Smart Interview - This process is the quickest, but it may not be for everyone. You download the VIPKid mobile app, read a small amount of material about teaching online, complete a 5-question quiz, and record only 3 minutes of you introducing yourself teaching briefly. Click here to learn more about the Smart Interview.

3. Stage 3: Certification Center:

After your pass Stage 2, you then visit VIPKid’s Certification Center. This is where you will get certified for the various types of classes they offer.

In order to get certified, you must study a small amount of material and prepare another demo lesson, which you will teach to an existing VIPKid teacher. These are called Mock Classes.

You can choose to ONLY get certified for their lower level courses (Levels 2/3), their higher level courses (Levels 4/5), or both. Levels 2/3 have students who are in the early stages of learning English. Think colors, animals, food, weather, etc. Levels 4/5 have higher-level material. Think free talk, and subjects such as the environment, careers, and qualities of appearance and personality.

If you decide to only certify for one of these at this stage, you can always return later and get certified for more levels.

Applicants no longer have to worry about failing their mock classes. You can re-train and attempt mock classes until you pass. If you are having difficulty at this stage, you can avail of VIPKid’s free Online Coaching.

5. Stage 4: Next Steps

After you’ve successfully completed your Mock Classes in the Certification Center, there are a few more things to do before you begin teaching.

If you do not have a 120-hour TESOL, TEFL, TESL, or CELTA certificate or a recognized teaching certificate from your home country, you are required to complete VIPKid’s own TESOL training. It costs nothing, however it is not recognized at other companies should you choose to apply somewhere else later.

Click here to get an accredited, 120-hour TESOL certificate for only $19. The regular price is $119.

If you DO already have one of these certifications, you will be asked to upload your supporting documentation. This includes a digital copy of your degree and/or teaching certificates, as well as a background check.

6. Stage 5: Fully-fledged VIPKID teacher:

Once your background check is complete, you can begin opening time slots on the VIPKid portal and start teaching as soon as you are booked.

If you’re feeling at all confused about the VIPKid application process, we don’t blame you. Once you’ve submitted your application online, please reach out to us and we can answer any questions you have about the process.

Our Review

VIPKid is for:

  • teachers who want to work for a well-established company in the industry.

  • people who desire a higher salary. (VIPKid has one of the best pay rates amongst online English companies.)

  • those who want to work for a company with a robust support staff.

  • people who want to teach children, one-on-one.

  • teachers who need flexibility in their schedule. There are no minimum required hours.

Things to consider:

  • The hiring process can take longer at VIPKid than at other, smaller companies.

  • Because VIPKid is a larger company with more teachers, it may take longer for new teachers to begin getting fully booked.

Technical Requirements

  • Equipment:

    • Computer (desktop, laptop, Mac, Surface, iPad)

    • Camera (HD external camera or HD integrated camera)

    • Headset (must have a microphone built-in)

  • System:

    • Operating System:

      • Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, MAC OS 10.8x

    • CPU:

      • Intel Core i3, or above

    • Memory:

      • At Least 4GB RAM

    • Network :

      • 20Mbps (direct connection Ethernet recommended)

    • Browser:

      • Chrome (Version 65 or above)



March 2019

VIPKID will now allow all applicants who pass Basic Info to skip the normal interview process and record a 3-minute Express Demo video. 

Previously, applicants who passed the Basic Info stage had to schedule an interview with a VIPKID representative, or record a much longer 10 to 15-minute demo video.

August 2018

VIPKID has announced that candidates who pass the interview stage of the application no longer have to worry about failing the mock classes. Teachers who are unsuccessful in their mock class can try again until they pass.

In addition, they are also no longer deciding what level teachers will certify for based on the mock class performance. Now, after your pass your interview, you can decide the level for the mock class you want to teach. (see Application Process below for more details)


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