*Note: please e-mail us at after you apply if you would like us to help you through the application process.


SayABC is an online English learning platform headquartered in Beijing. It boasts over 1000 teachers and over 5000 students. SayABC is backed by tier one investors in China and the US and is partnered with known education providers Cengage and National Geographic. It’s modern, interactive learning platform is designed to teach students in groups of four. SayABC hires native speaking English teachers from the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.


Class Type

  • small group classes (one teacher to four students)

  • interactive teaching platform

  • 40 minute classes

  • Teachers teach the same students twice a week at the same time for three months.

  • Classes are booked at least 24 hours in advance of their start time.

Age range

  • 5 to 12 years



*Note: Unlike many only ESL companies, SayABC does NOT require teachers to be from the US or Canada

SayABC requires:

  1. A native level of English ability

  2. A computer with a fast internet connection and good audio/video capability

  3. A Bachelor’s degree or above (or be in your last year of study)

  4. A minimum of one year’s teaching experience

    *TEFL, TESOL or any other relevant certification is preferred, but not required.



  • Up to $21 USD/40-minute class

    • (approximately £16, €18, $28 CAN, $29 AUD, $31 NZD)

  • Further details:

    • You can make $16 USD for converting trial students

      • (approximately: £12, €14, $21 CAD, $22 AUD, $24 NZD)

    • You can make $7 USD extra for teaching a class with less than 24 hours notice.

      • (approximately: £5.5, €6, $9.25 CAD, $9.75 AUD, $10.25 NZD)

    • You can make $7 USD extra per class for the rest of a unit if you take over for another teacher in the middle of the unit.

      • (approximately: £5.5, €6, $9.25 CAD, $9.75 AUD, $10.25 NZD)

  • Teachers eligible for raises at the point of contract renewal.

Application Process

  1. Apply online with relevant personal information (resume screening)

    • You will receive an email with an interview invitation when your resume passes screening. You will then be able to login to the teacher portal system where you can schedule an interview.

  2. Complete a 40-minute interview (which includes a 15-minute demo class)

    • The interview with SayABC takes place in the online classroom.

    • You are expected to assume the interview is a real student and teach a 15-minute demo class.

  3. Sign the consulting agreement

  4. Complete an orientation meeting and an evaluation class

    1. During the orientation meeting, a mentor will go the through basic platform operations and the teaching tools step by step. You will learn useful teaching tips from the mentor before your full mock class. Also, you have the chance to ask any questions you may have at that time.

    2. Evaluation classes: 1 on 4 classes lasting 40 minutes. These are used as the first real class for new SayABC teachers to get familiar with how to teach SayABC students and with the Teacher Portal system. They are also allow the Teacher Management team to evaluate and give training to new teachers. Two different types of feedback will be provided to teachers. If there is a concern with your teaching at this stage, you will get a training session with an experienced SayABC mentor. Otherwise, you will receive written feedback with tips and suggestions for improvement before you start your first real class.

Other notes

  • Requires a minimum 3-month contract

  • You can take time off during your contact by notifying the company two weeks in advance

  • Teachers can teach substitute classes

sayabc At a glance:

 - Hiring teachers from the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.
- Earn up to $21 USD, £16, €18, $28 CAN, $29 AUD, $31 NZD per 40-minute class
- Will hire students in the last year of their degree
- Large trial conversion bonuses
- Fast application process

*Note: please e-mail us at after you apply if you would like us to help you through the application process.


*Note: please e-mail us at after you apply if you would like us to help you through the application process.