Everything you need to know to get a job at PalFish


palfish overview:

Two programs: Free Talk/Live Streams and Official Kids Course 

Free Talk/Live Streams:

  • open to non-native English speakers

  • require no qualifications

  • allow you to set your own rates

  • do not require minimum hours

  • allow you to teach from your phone or tablet

  • have students of all ages

    Official Kids Course

  • earn up to $22 USD/hour

  • teach children ages 3 to 12

  • must be a native English speaker

  • must have a TESOL certificate

  • hires teachers from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, or Australia




PalFish is an application for iOS and Android where teachers get paid to chat with students from their phone or tablet.

PalFish has two main types of teachers:

  1. General PalFish Teachers (those who teach Free Talk and Live Streaming)

  2. PalFish Official Kids Course Teachers (has stricter hiring requirements, see below)


Class Types

  • Free Talk

    • 1-on-1 classes with no curriculum or time commitment restraints

  • Live Streaming

    • teach to multiple students in a free-form live stream

  • PalFish Official Kids Course

    • 1-on-1 children’s classes using the PalFish official course material

    • No lesson planning, no talking to parents, no correcting homework


Age range

Free Talk, and Live Streaming

  • No specific age range

Official Kids Course:

  • 3 to 12 years old



Free Talk, and Live Streaming

  • No teaching experience required

  • No minimum education level required

  • No qualifications required

  • Do not need to be a native English speaker

Official Kids Course

  • Must be a native English speaker

  • Must have experience teaching kids

  • Must have a teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc)

  • Must be from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, or Australia

Click here to get a 120-hour, accredited TESOL certificate for only $19.

Minimum Hours

The Free Talk and Live Streaming programs require no minimum hours

The Official Kids Course requires at least 3.5 hours per week.


Free Talk and Live Streaming

  • set your own rate

  • between approximately $15 to $45 USD per hour

  • some classes pay by the minute

Official Kids Course 

  • Up to $22 USD/hr

  • $31 USD bonus for trial conversions

  • $15 USD prop supplement when starting

Palfish uses a service called Payoneer to pay its teachers. If you use our sign up link you can get a $25 bonus after you receive your first $1000 in pay. We also receive a $25 bonus. Click here to get Payoneer and claim your $25.


Peak Teaching Times

Peak hours for each program:

Free Talk and Live Streaming

Any time during the daytime hours in China. Approximately 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Beijing time.

Official Kids Course 

  • From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays

  • From 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends

  • (Beijing Time)

    Click here to convert to your local time zone.

Application Process

  1. Download the app

  2. Choose an avatar

  3. Write your self-introduction

  4. Record a self-introduction audio clip

  5. Go to “My Wallet”, and fill in your payment information

The verification process can take up to two business days. You will then receive your application result in a message from the PalFish Team. 

If you also want to certify for the Official Kids Course:

  1. There will be a pop-up ad or banner on your PalFish app home page.

  2. Click the banner. Fill out the required information and choose a time slot. This time slot is for you to record a 25-minute demo video.

  3. Then click “Apply Now”

  4. You can now preview the class material through the app. You can also enter the classroom any time before your scheduled recording to test your equipment, practice your teaching, and get familiar with the virtual classroom. It’s also a good idea to prepare a few (2-3) relevant props. PalFish also actively encourages the use of their augmented reality (AR) virtual stickers in the classroom. Be sure to practice using these.

  5. Enter the classroom at the time you selected and record your demo. Please note - no interviewer will show up during this time slot. It is simply for you to record a demo on your own.

Our Review

Free Talk and Live Streams are for:

  • people who want the freedom to set their own hours and work when they want.

  • non-native English speakers.

  • those who want to promote themselves and increase their hourly wage.

  • people who enjoy the flexibility of earning money from a mobile device.

  • those who don’t have many qualifications on paper but enjoy speaking English and teaching.

Things to consider about Free Talk and Live Streams:

  • You will need to create an alluring profile and promote yourself to bring in a steady stream of students.

  • You can only teach from the mobile app (no desktop or laptop computers).

  • You may not be able to set a high hourly rate starting off.

The Official Kids Course is for:

  • teachers from the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, or the US with a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate.

  • those who enjoy having pre-made curriculum and a more reliable stream of students

  • those who want to teach one-on-one

Things to consider about the Official Kids Course:

  • You can only teach from a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. The app does not work with desktops or laptops.

  • The Official Kids Course requires a minimum commitment of 3.5 hours per week.

Technical Requirements

  • PalFish currently doesn’t list any specific technical requirements on their website.

  • Teachers will need a mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad) that is running Android Operating System or iOs. You also need a stable WIFI or cellular connection.

  • You must have the Payoneer app to get paid.

Other Palfish FAQs

How can I contact someone at PalFish?

Members of Online English Teaching are not employees of PalFish.  We do not speak on behalf of the company nor represent them. We are recruiters who work at PalFish as teachers and help other teachers get jobs at PalFish.

The only way to currently contact someone at Palfish is to message the PalFish Team from within the app.  Please refer to the screenshots for how to do that.

When your application approved, you are also automatically added to Teacher Groups. You can find the answer to many questions here as well.


Can you check on my application status?

If you provide us with your PalFish screen name, as well as the program you are applying for (Free Talk or Official Kids’), we can tell you at what stage you are in the application process and what is required of you for your next steps.

Can you change or delete my profile?

Unfortunately, we cannot access or change your profile.  You must message the PalFish Team from within the PalFish app.

There seem to be multiple PalFish apps.  Which one is correct?

Here is the link to the correct PalFish app:

Can I teach PalFish from my laptop or desktop computer?

PalFish says that their courses can only be taught from a mobile device (phone or tablet).

I seem to booked for classes that I did not open.  What’s happening?

When you go through the PalFish application process, it will ask you what times you are generally available for.  Once you are successfully hired, the application will automatically open these time slots for you. Please be aware of this, when selecting your availability when applying.

What if I can’t teach the minimum number of hours for the Official Kids’ Course.

If you do not open the minimum number of slots (3.5 hours per week), PalFish may revoke your Official Kids’ Course certificate and you will no longer be able to teach in this program.

I am from South Africa. Can I teach with PalFish?

The Free Talk program is open to teachers from all over the world.  Unfortunately, PalFish is not currently hiring teachers from South Africa for its Official Kids’ Course.

Do I need a teaching certificate to teach at PalFish?

For the Free Talk program, you do not need a teaching certificate.  For the Official Kids’ Course, you need a 120-hour TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certificate. We offer 120-hour TESOL certificates that are recognized by PalFish for only $19.  Click here for more information.

Do I need to be a native speaker to work at PalFish?

For the Free Talk program, you should at least be fluent in English.

For the Official Kids’ Course, you must be a native speaker.

What does the Official Kids’ Course “Interview” involve?

Even though it's called an “Interview”, you will not be speaking with a live representative from PalFish. Nor will you be interacting with any real students.  

You simply have to choose a time, enter the virtual classroom and teach the demo content. The virtual classroom will record your teaching. You should teach the content as if there were a real student in the classroom with you.  

It says my mobile device isn’t compatible.  What devices are compatible with the PalFish app?

You must use a mobile device that has the Android Operating System or Apple’s iOS.

How do I get paid?

PalFish pays its teachers through an app called Payoneer.  On the first of every month, the money in your PalFish Wallet will get withdrawn into your Payoneer Account.  

Sign up for Payoneer here and get a $25 reward once you receive $1000.

I have other questions that you have not listed here.

If you have any further questions, please refer to your “Me” page in the PalFish App.  Scroll to the bottom and you will find official PalFish FAQs.





April 2019

Beginning April 1, 2019, because of Chinese Ministry of Education regulations, all PalFish Official Kid’s Course teachers must have a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate or a teaching license to continue teaching students. Click here to learn more about obtaining a TESOL certificate.


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