Note, in order to complete the recorded demo, applicants must have already applied to Gogokid through the online portal and have passed the “Basic Information” stage.

Gogokid’s “Self Interview”

Duration: Introduction (1 minute) + Demo lesson (9 minutes)

From the Gogokid recruiting office:

”Instead of competing with others and trying to select a time slot and schedule a live interview with one of the Gogokid interviewers, you can record a demo class by using Screencastify (

You can record your demo as many times as you like, then stop once you feel you have completed your best take. After you finish your demo, you can stop the recording and the video will be saved to Google drive. Then you can send the video link to us! (

How to Record a Demo Lesson

1) Log into Screencastify ( with your Google account. You can record up to 10 minutes for free.
2) Open the demo lesson slides on your computer.
3) Open Screencastify, record your desktop (check that your microphone and camera are enabled).
4) Click the record button and you can start teaching the demo lesson slides in front of the camera (imagine that you are teaching a five-year-old kid).
5) Simply introduce yourself first (mention your full name, teaching experience, educational background, teaching certificates and so on.). This should be a maximum of one minute.
6) Then, teach all the slides and record the whole demo lesson. This is a maximum of nine minutes.

What are the Advantages of Doing a Recorded Demo?

1) There is more time to practice - record as many times as you want until you are satisfied with your demo video;
2) There is less pressure - there is no interview anxiety or the awkwardness of teaching a lesson to an adult pretending to be a child
3) It is more convenient - there is no need to stay up late or to get up early to do your live interview
4) It is faster than a live interview: you only have to do a 10-minute demo recording.

The result will be sent to you as soon as we finish watching your recorded demo lesson. Thank you for your continued interested in joining our online teaching platform and we look forward to watching your lesson!


Demo Lesson Slides: download

How To Use Screencastify to Record Your Gogokid Demo: (

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