Frequently Asked Questions


How much money can I make?

Most companies pay between $18 and $25 USD per hour.


Do I need a bachelor’s degree?

The majority of companies offering online English classes do require a Bachelor’s degree, however some companies do not.  Magic Ears  and Palfish, for example, do not. 


Do I need to be a native English speaker?

Not all companies require that you be a native English speaker. Some only require that you be “fluent” in English.


Do I need teaching experience?

Teaching experience is definitely an asset, however many of the online companies will consider any experience with children.  This includes, teaching, tutoring, caretaking, or camp counselling.


What are the basic technical requirements?

You need a computer that supports video chat (has a webcam and a microphone), as well as a reliable internet connection. The recommended speed is 500kbps upload and 500kbps download speed.  You can test your internet connection here.


Do I have to commit to a minimum number of hours?

Some companies do require a minimum number of teaching hours per week, others do not.  If you do not want to commit to a minimum numbers of hours, check out VIPKID or GoGoKid.


I travel frequently, can I do this job?

As long as you have a stable internet connection with an appropriate background, you should be able to teach from anywhere in the world.  Many online teachers travel the world while teaching online.


How can I get paid?

If you are a U.S. citizen it is much easier to get paid.  Most online companies will pay directly into a U.S. bank account, charging little to no fees.

If you do not have a U.S. bank account, we personally use and recommend TransferWise. TransferWise is a UK-based money transfer service that has a “borderless account.” With a borderless account you get international bank details to receive money from around the world with zero fees. You also always get the exchange rate that is current on Google, instead of your bank's rate. Transferring from your TransferWise account to your bank of choice (if you want to) is cheap and easy.   If you use the links on this page your first $650 USD worth of transfers are free.

We are from Canada and use TransferWise to set up a virtual U.S. bank account that accepts U.S. currency. By doing this, we save an incredible amount on fees.


Do I need to take taxes out?

Yes.  Most online companies employ you as an independent contractor.  You will need to determine how much money you should set aside for income tax based on your personal situation


Do I need to make my own material/curriculum?

Nope! The majority of online teaching companies have an expansive collection of curriculum.  You simply need to review the material before your class and teach the material provided to you.


Do I have to be a U.S. or Canadian citizen?

Many companies prefer hiring U.S. or Canadian citizens for the “North American” accent, however this is not the case for all companies. 


What props/material do I need to do this job?

You do not need to spend a lot of money on material for these jobs.  Aside from the minimum technical requirements, we recommend some kind of educational background, a headset with a microphone, a small puppet to model dialogue, and a small whiteboard. These things are not mandatory however, and many teachers develop successful careers with just the basic technical requirements.

Do you conduct background checks?

We do not conduct background checks on our applicants. However, many of the online ESL companies require background checks before you can sign your contact.