Everything you need to know to get a job at Cambly.


cambly Overview:

  • no experience necessary

  • no degree or teaching certificate necessary

  • must be fluent in English

  • earn $10.20 USD/hour

  • no minimum hours, no commitment

  • get paid weekly

  • easy application process

  • only requires a phone or computer



Cambly is quite different from some of the other companies we recommend at Online English Teaching.

Cambly is a digital networking platform that allows students from all over the world to connect with native English speaking tutors for things like:

  • conversation,

  • structured English lessons,

  • exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL)

  • business English,

  • job interview preparation, and

  • survival English role-playing (at the grocery store, giving instructions to a taxi driver, etc)

You don’t have to be an English teacher to work at Cambly. There are business people, personal trainers, cooks, nurses, and everything in between who tutor with Cambly.

Class Type

  • 1-on-1 video chatting

  • 24/7 on-demand sessions for both tutors and students

    • Students can log in at any time to find a tutor.

    • Tutors can log in at any time and connect with students.

  • How long you speak with a student depends on the package they have purchased.

    • Some students book packages with 15 minute times slots, others for 30 mins, and some book hour-long sessions.

    • When you log on as a tutor, you set your availability, so you don’t have to worry about having to cut a student’s class short.

  • You also have the option to approve a student’s request to book your class in advance.

    • There is no obligation to do this and there are no minimum number of hours you must commit to.

  • Every lesson is recorded so students can review it afterwards.

  • Cambly has an in-chat translation feature that allows teachers or students to type in their native language and have it automatically translated if they get stuck.

Age range

  • Mostly adults

    • Cambly does have a kids program, however there is no way to apply to it as this time. Cambly reaches out to teachers who they think are a good fit and asks them to work in the program.


  • Must be fluent in English

    • You don’t have to be an English teacher to work at Cambly

    • No degree/teaching certificate required!

Minimum Hours

  • Cambly does not require a minimum number of hours from its tutors.


  • $0.17 USD per minute

  • $10.20 USD per hour

  • While you chat with students, Cambly automatically tracks your time

  • Pay is delivered every Monday via Paypal.

Peak Teaching Times

Peak hours are 24/7.

Since Cambly has students and tutors from all over the world, you can login any time and find students looking for tutors.

Application Process

  1. Fill out a basic information form. There are no requirements other than being able to speak English fluently.

  2. Upload a short (2 minute) introduction video.

  3. Receive Cambly approval.

  4. Create a profile.


Your Profile

Your profile on Cambly is what will allow you to stand out to students. In your profile, you can add as little or as much as you like. Some things include:

  1. a short introduction video

  2. what languages you speak

  3. your home country

  4. what you specialize in (beginner, intermediate, advanced, grammar, reading & writing, business English, conversation, test prep, science, travel & culture, aviation, music, art, etc)

  5. your interests

  6. your work experience

  7. your education

  8. the times you are generally available (again, there is no commitment here)

Our Review

Cambly is for:

  • anybody who wants ultimate flexibility in their teaching schedule.

  • non-native speakers (must be fluent in English).

  • people without a bachelor’s degree.

  • those without teaching experience.

Things to consider:

  • The hourly pay is lower than most other companies we recommend ($10.20 USD/hour).

  • Unfortunately, it may take a few weeks to get a response from Cambly about your application. Furthermore, Cambly doesn’t respond to unsuccessful applicants. If after a few weeks you still haven’t heard anything, we recommend revising your application and trying again with a different e-mail address.

Technical Requirements

  • a computer or mobile device

  • the Cambly app


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