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The Perfect Summer Job for Teachers

Summer is a glorious time for students and teachers alike.  A time to relax, enjoy the great outdoors, and reflect on a successful year of growth and learning. But for teachers who are looking to make some extra cash, summer can be the season of hustle. This time of year is a gold mine if you teach English online.

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The Differences Between Brick-and-mortar Teaching and Teaching English Online.

Whether it is to supplement their traditional teaching jobs, to enable them to spend more time with their families, to give them a source of income after returning home from teaching abroad, or to give them the flexibility to travel, more and more “bricks and mortar” teachers are moving into the online classroom.

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The Top 5 Tips for Getting Your First Class Teaching English Online

Getting that coveted first booking is one of the biggest challenges teachers face when beginning a career teaching online.

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NEWS: VIPKid now offering even faster interview method

VIPKid is now offering an even faster way to get through the interview: The 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson.

The new Smart Demo Lesson can be done completely from the phone app.

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"How much money can I make teaching English online?"

Today, we are going to talk about that wonderful thing that undeniably makes the world go round: money.

Here at Online English Teaching, we talk to a lot of people about teaching English online.  One of the first questions we get from interested candidates is, “Can I make a living doing this?”

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The ONLY Things You Need to Start Teaching English Online

So, you’re interested in teaching English online.  Maybe you are a bricks-and-mortar teacher who wants to supplement their income with a little side hustle.  Maybe you teach ESL in a foreign country and want to make some extra cash in the evenings and on weekends. Or, you have returned home looking for a reliable and flexible revenue source. 

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Why You Should Teach for Multiple Companies

One of the hot topics of the online English teaching world these days is the idea of teaching for multiple companies. 

Some people see it as a betrayal to the company that first hired them and would much rather put their time and energy into one thing.  Others view it as a smart choice for maximizing their options and furthering their online English teaching career. 

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