NEWS: VIPKid now offering even faster interview method

The new VIPKid 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson allows you to do the entire interview from your smart phone, on your own time.  Photo by    Giftpundits   .

The new VIPKid 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson allows you to do the entire interview from your smart phone, on your own time. Photo by Giftpundits.

Last month, we wrote about how VIPKid was offering a super-fast way to get through the interview process.

In that article, we outlined the 3-minute Express Interview that applicants could send into VIPKid on their own time.

Well, they are now offering an even faster way to get through the interview:

The 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson

The new Smart Demo Lesson can be done completely from the phone app.

It consists of:

  1. a 5-question quiz

  2. a 2.5-minute demo lesson

Yep, that’s it!

The 5-question quiz is based on the Five Aspects of Being a VIPKid Teacher. These are:

  1. Lesson Objectives

  2. Repetition

  3. Speaking Speed & Language

  4. TPR (total physical response)

  5. Modeling

The material on these topics is found in the app and can be reviewed before you take the quiz. The slides for the 2.5-minute demo lesson are also on the app.

Each quiz question has two or four possible answers.

After you have reviewed the material on the Five Aspects of Being a VIPKid Teacher and the demo lesson slides, you can proceed to complete the quiz and demo recording whenever you feel ready.

For the quiz, you will have 90 seconds to answer each question. Don’t worry, these are simple questions based on the material provided.

After that, you can use your phone to record a 2.5-minute demo lesson which is stored and submitted directly through the application. If you are not happy with your recording, you can re-do it as many times as you like.

Once you hit submit, you will be brought to an analysis page that shows your quiz results. The only other thing to do is to wait 24 hours for your demo recording to be viewed by a member of the VIPKid staff.

You will need to get at least three quiz questions correct to pass. However, the most important part is the recorded video. Be sure to review all material and only submit once you are satisfied with your recording.

To be clear, applicants still have the option to do a 10-minute Live Demo Interview or the 10-minute Recorded Demo Interview. (See here for details on the other options in VIPKid application process.) This is simply a newer, quicker option for people who want to get through the application process as quickly as possible.

It is unclear when this will be happen, but the 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson is expected to phase out the 3-minute Express Interview we previously wrote about.

In review, here are the steps to do the new 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson.

  1. Register to become a teacher with VIPKid.

  2. Download the teaching app for your phone (click here if you have an iPhone and here if you don’t)

  3. Review the materials

  4. Complete the short quiz

  5. Record a 2.5 minute demo

To learn more about teaching with VIPKid, click here.

If you need any help getting through the application process with VIPKid, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help!