NEWS: VIPKID now allowing ALL applicants to record 3-minute Express Demo

(March 2019)

Beginning March 2019, VIPKID will allow all applicants who pass Basic Info to skip the normal interview process and record a 3-minute Express Demo video. 

Get hired with VIPKID even faster!

Get hired with VIPKID even faster!

Previously, applicants who passed the Basic Info stage had to schedule an interview with a VIPKID representative, or record a much longer 10 to 15-minute demo video.

The Express Demo was previously available by invitation only for highly qualified applicants.

Now, ALL applicants can choose to do the 3-minute Express Demo.

In addition, if applicants do not pass the Express Demo, they can try again using the Live Interview or the longer, Recorded Demo Interview.

How great is that? A faster way to get hired, and you can’t fail!

To top it all off, you will get your result within 24 hours!

In order to qualify for the Express Demo, you need to apply to VIPKID and pass the Basic Info stage.



Read on to learn how to make your Express Demo video:

 What do I need to do in the 3-minute Express Demo?

  1. Do a brief self-introduction. Tell the company who you are, your educational background, and your teaching experience.

  2. Complete the activities in the Express Demo slides.


How can I record my demo?

VIPKID simply recommends using the internal webcam on your computer, laptop or tablet to record yourself while you run through the slides.


How do I send the video to VIPKID?

After you have passed Basic Info, you can send the video to as an attachment, or, if the file is too large, you can upload it to YouTube/Google Drive/Dropbox/ and send the link in your email to VIPKID. 


Is there a deadline for this invitation?

VIPKID prefers to receive your video within three days of passing Basic Info, but they don't have a specific deadline for this invitation.


How do I get the results?

You will hear from VIPKID within 24 hours via email after you send the video.


What's next after I pass the Express Demo?

If you pass, your next steps are to complete the Certification Center and Contract Info stages. See image below for details on the application process.


What if I do not pass the Express Demo?

If you do not pass the Express Demo Lesson, use VIPKID’s feedback to re-apply using the two traditional methods of interview – either the Recorded Interview or Live Interview.

See graphic below for details. You can apply for these through the applicant portal.


VIPKID Application Process Flow Chart.png

Need help?

If you’re feeling at all confused about the application process for VIPKID, please contact us and we would be happy to coach you through the process. 

If you’d like to learn more about teaching with VIPKID, check out our VIPKID Company Summary.